stressed asf

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stressed asf


😣 Stress
stressed asf
Thats a mood. What’s going on?
lemme type it one sec lol
Lol go for it
so my guy best friend of 3 years and me have been always so close. and yesterday he unadded me on snap for no reason like he’s only ever done that if we were fighting and i was talking bout it on here yesterday but i can’t get over it. like me and him were literally having a conversation like 3 days ago and stuff was fine
Was there a reason for him to unadd you?
Honestly if he’s done that a lot over arguments that dosnt sound like a true friend
It might have been his gf that had something to do with it cause me and him r each others number one bsf on snap for 2 months
Even after 3 years
he’s only done it over one argument
which was entirely my fault
like i did some fucked shit
Oh okay makes sense. Maybe it was his gf
That sounds like something that would happen
yea she fuckin hates me but like i just don’t know why he hasn’t like texted me or anything
like it was out of nowhere and it makes me feel like i did something wrong
but me and his gf had like problems before about hjmv
Honestly if u didn’t do anything wrong than I would think it’s his gf. Especially if y’all had problems.
I would just give it time and see if he responds or try to even meet him in person to ask what’s up
Me and him also used to hook up often and like two weeks ago he cheated on her with me WHICH IS BAD I KNOW! so maybe he feels guilty and shit
like ik he’s not mad he literally JUST NOW favorited my recent on vsco
Ohhhhh well that changes the whole situation
and like i feel super bad bout it
Lol he probably just fees really bad or confused
but like idk if i should text him or sum about it idk
me and him agreed to never do it again while he’s dating her
Hi LMFAO u we’re on here when i was talking bout this yesterday i think LMFAO I J CANT GET OVER IT LIKE IM STILL SO ANGRY
I would text him and just let him know what your feeling and just tell him that if he needs time to think think you give him that
yea maybe
Who me?
yea lol
well did I make you laugh?

Live Ended
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December 4, 2021Uncategorizedpatthehumandone, just, know, like, maybe, over, something, think, were, would

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