I’m stressed out and idk what to do

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This group chat is in response to:
I’m stressed out and idk what to do


😣 Stress
I’m stressed out and idk what to do
Hello, what are you stressed about
Hello ! what’s wrong ?
I have a brace because I hurt my wrist and people are making fun of it and I’m stressed out because of school and all of the work I have
I’m sorry about it. Maybe you can address it to your teachers and just do bits and bits of your work until you’re done
I walk with a cane, they wish they were as cool as you. Bedazzle it, paint it, do whatever you want with it. You are gorgeous inside and out boo
Awh no !! 🙁 that’s wrong… ignore all of the hate comments it’s not your fault you should talk about it to your teachers
I’m not allowed to do bits and pieces of my work we are forced to do it all at once
They don’t care
And it’s okay to be stressed, it’s normal. If you talk to your teachers they are normally willing to work with you
Personally when I’m stressed, I’d grounding doesn’t work… I force myself to drink water. Doing so helps my breathing to slow.
Then I turn my energy into something productive. Dancing. Singing.
Anything. Even working out in little ways
Yeah I like those thing but at school and at home I have to do it all at once
The teachers honestly don’t care especially my ela teacher she only cares about herself and smiles when she makes us mad or upset
I also find if overwhelmed with tasks… to break them down. Introduce breaks into work time. Rather than looking at the work as a whole, but instead
In parts. Thinking I have to complete this one paper versus I have seven subjects to work on
Smaller tasks and focusing on the now can be a useful tool to managing stress
My issue I can’t write or type fast so it’s hard and then I get behind then I struggle it’s so frustrating
Have you looked into speech to text? This sounds like a useful tool to use.
Something else that stressed me out today was one of the boys in my grade him and his friends came over to me and started taping my back and playing with my hair
We’re not allowed to use things like that
Another note, before I have to leave:
Have you spoken to adults about boundaries being crossed?

School is temporary, but you’re still a person and

Deserve basic respect

Live Ended
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