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I need someone to talk to


👋 Random
I need someone to talk to
Hey! What’s going on ?
I’m having really bad Anxiety and just want to talk to someone
Well I’m definitely available for some chit chat 🙂
That’s great
What are you having anxiety about ?
Tbh I don’t even know
That’s understandable
School isn’t hard, I don’t have sports going on rn, and my social life is ok
But my anxiety is like through the roof
You there?
Anxiety unfortunately never has to have a reason to appear, it just does. Sometimes what helps me when I feel anxious about something I just take
Some deep breath’s and take a moment to myself.
But everyone is different and you have to find something that works for you. Maybe some meditation
The breathing tends to work, but only for about 10 ish minutes before it’s back again
Do you talk to a therapist or on any meds ?
Well those could be options for you to explore.
I would love to
I can’t though
Why not ?
My mother is worse then me. If I told her I wanted to go to therapy she would blame her self, it would throw the family apart
How old are you ?
And I’ve tried finding free therapy online but it’s non existent
This is the closest thing to it
I understand. That is a difficult situation but sometimes we may think one thing but it may be a different outcome.
I have tried
Have you ever mentioned to her that you struggle with anxiety
Kinda, I tried killing my self last year, she over heard me telling one of my friends about it and freaked out. It was the worst state my family was ever in. I lied about it to her and told her I was making a joke
But she knows I have anxiety, but not to the point where I am now
Maybe it’s bc your family cares about you. I am a mother and sometimes the way we react is bc we love our kids and will do anything to make them feel
Better. I think you should worry less about how she would react but more about what she would do to help you
She wasn’t even the worst part, the way my siblings looked at was awful. They disgusted in the fact that I ruined there athletics. My mom was getting ready to shut down every sport and club we do. Just so we would have time for therapy. I don’t want therapy if it ruins my siblings highschool experience
She was also talking about putting me on meds, which normally I don’t mind, but I know people who have gone in them and they are just a empty husk of a person I knew before.
But you must put yourself and your metal health 1st. And meds can be helpful but it might take a while to find the one that works for you. My husband
Is on meds for his depression and anxiety and it took awhile to find the one that works for him and his mental state is so much better. He is
Genuinely a different person in the best of ways
That’s wonderful, but I’m not going to push down my familys happiness for my mental state when it’s something that can be managed
Ok but just know that you do have options and your family’s happiness does not depend on you.
I know it just really seems like it sometimes. Thank you
No problem 🙂 just remember that you are loved and wanted in this crazy world

Live Ended
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