I need advice

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I need advice


💕 Relationships
I need advice
My relationship with my bf. He’s a great guy he treats me well but I’ve never been in a relationship with someone as friendly as him
He’s done things that crossed my boundaries and I’ve told him about it he apologized reassured me and proves that i can trust him
I just don’t know how to get rid of my trust issues and stop overthinking
I want to be able to not have to worry about what he’s doing due to my past relationships but it’s so hard to get rid off my trust issues and overthinking
I think what the problem might be is that you aren’t sure of yourself… you need to learn to trust yourself with decisions before you let someone
Else into ur space
How do I fix that ?
What i did was afframations like looking in the mirror and saying “I’m okay and I can trust my desicions” or just stuff like that really helped me
Oh okay I’ll try that!
Do u have any other strategies?
Meditation, yes Ik it sounds weird but it helps strengthen your mind and really helps when it comes to making decisions
How do u personally meditate?
I play ocean sounds and surround my self with crystals and picture myself in a really calming space like the beach
And after sitting there for a while you’re kind of in a trance but it’s not for everyone, yoga also is affective
I’ll have to try both!
Okay glad I could help!
Thank you so much

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November 25, 2021Uncategorizedpatthehumanhelps, issues, like, okay, overthinking, really, sounds, space, trust, yourself

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