I need advice

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I need advice


💕 Relationships
I need advice
What do you need advice on
So I had a ex lover, we broke up cause of how toxic the relationship was. I’m single now and I’m so much happier, I discovered the being single was my thing. I have no freedoms, free time it’s just made me happier but recently I did go back to my ex lover. He really does loves me, treats me like a queen, and just loves me for who I am. Before you guys ask I was the toxic one in the relationship. Ever since he came back I caught feelings again but I still want to be single
He wants to be with me
I have to choose between being single or being with him if not I do lose him and I don’t want to lose him
Have you talked to him about this
I have, he says to choose.
I understand how you feel i have been in the same exact position you are right now and I choose to be single and I have found it easier to be myself
And figure out what I wanted
Was it hard for you to let go of that person?
It was but once I did I felt like I had my life back and we are still friends
I’m glad it worked out for you. I’m also scared of just even thinking about him being with someone else
I understand how you would feel that way but if you are scared of him being with someone else you should stay with him
But that’s the thing, this is so confusing even for me. It’s so hard to know what to choose since I don’t even know what I want at the end. I want him but I also want to be single
Think of the pros and cons and which one might be better for you
That’s smart! I’m gonna do that
Well I just want to say thank you so much for helping me, I have to go now. Happy thanksgiving to you guys ❤️
You too

Live Ended
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November 25, 2021Uncategorizedpatthehumanback, being, choose, dont, even, just, since, single, still, want

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