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🦋 Self-care
i am struggling to do anything productive and just feel down all the time. I have lost motivation and interest in the things I used to love due to my self hatred and toxic thoughts about my self and I don’t know what to do to get out of this cycle
What’s up
Have you tried getting help
I’ve spoke to a few people im close too but not therapy or anything no
I want to be able to deal with it on my own n not have to go down that rout
I’ve been in a simpler place and I thought I could deal with it own my own til the point I couldn’t and tried to take my own life because I thought
No one was there for me turns out my whole family had my bavk
Back and I’m getting help and it really making a difference
my family don’t know I don’t wanna tell them as I don’t think they’ll understand
I felt the same way trust me
I really don’t wanna tell them
I didn’t either it was hard but I felt so much better after
this is the wrong time for this to happen, I have so many decisions to make in terms of my career rn and this is getting in the way of it
I don’t know what to do about this anymore I need the pain to be over so I can get back on track and concentrate on my goals
Same for me it was my career that caused my problems but you will feel so much better letting someone you trust know
I let my sister know because I couldn’t tell my mother to her face
for me I think it’s body dysmorphia and self hate in general that making me feel like this
but it’s affecting my career and I can’t let it
You just have to sit and think you really need to talk to someone if it’s not family then try therapy
i have spoke to a few people but I feel like they only cared for a week and now they are sick of hearing my probelms
Until something bad happens then they’ll wish they did more but don’t let the be a option
I just feel like I opened up to the wrong people
Is there someone you can trust
and I feel like some people don’t understand it as they haven’t been through it them selve
I understand that completely
I just wish everyone understood because it makes me feel like I’m being pathetic when I’m not it’s just because they don’t get it
I had a friend like that and it was best to just let them go then to ruin me it was hard but it had to be done
it’s hard because I see this person too much to avoid
Yea just try ur hardest to leave them be if there not in ur life in a positive way then they have to leave
I just need to find my passion for the things that once made me happy again
when that happens I’ll know I’ll be on the way up
When did you lose your passions
How long has it been?

Live Ended
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December 4, 2021Uncategorizedpatthehumanbecause, dont, feel, just, know, like, much, people, them, they

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