cw // female genital talk

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cw // female genital talk


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cw // female genital talk
i need help bc the internet isn’t helping me
i have no idea if something is wrong or not
i’ve had like slight crotch discomfort for quite awhile and not enough rlly seem bad but now it’s starting to freak me out
ik i’m supposed to be doing self exams or some shit but i have no idea what it’s supposed to look like and the internet isn’t showing me anything similar to what i’m feeling
i’ve never been comfortable thinking about my genitals and especially not looking at them in depth so i’m so fucking uneducated
whats the problem exactly?
i’ve been having discomfort and it’s more focused on one side
is it in the ovary or just as a whole
then i actually checked today bc it’s just been a very slight annoyance for a very long time
just like near the lips
okay, hmm do u wear pads?
try to take a break from them and wear cotton undergarments
try to take a break from them and wear cotton undergarments
i was just on my period so maybe that why it got worse recently but it’s felt the same for months
shit like this confuses me so much bc nobody tells me what i’m supposed to do
or what it’s supposed to look like and then they say to make sure you check it every so often but don’t tell you what it should look like
idk it just doesn’t look right but also idk what it should look like
i dont know much either im sorry, maybe try just talking to a doctor?
idk if someone sees this later please dm me if you actually know things
i’m struggling so much
i would say going to a gynecologist
ik it’s hard
fun now i gotta talk to my mom about this shit
it’s good to assessed anyway tho
it’s so uncomfortable to talk about
i get it

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January 21, 2022Uncategorizedpatthehumanbeen, just, like, look, much, shit, supposed, talk, them, wear

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