can we talk rq ?

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can we talk rq ?


😣 Stress
can we talk rq ?
i just have a few things to say before i go to bed
What’s going on?
What’s up?
how in the FUUUUUUCK do i just get past a certain thing in life without it hurting so bad
like i just want to move on and away from this person yet i also wanna lay in their arms and it’s stupid because i so strongly want to move on but can’t
i want to move on in life and forget all about it because everytime im involved with this person things go wrong or they go right then immediately wrong i just never win
okay cool lmao nvm

Live Ended
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September 15, 2021Uncategorizedpatthehumanbecause, everytime, just, life, move, person, things, want, whats, wrong

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